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We have awesome vendors! We have an awesome facility! So much to choose from, there's no telling what a person might find. Among the selection you will find antique dealers and merchants that sell used as well as new merchandise at fair prices. Come check us out!


Small Beginnings


We started out as a dream/idea several years ago.  We made that dream/idea into a reality this year.  May 2014 we opened the doors as a unique flea market and consignment center.  We may appear to be a bit persnickety about our operations, however it's our desire to offer a clean, safe, friendly upscale environment for our customers & clients.  To offer diverse groups of merchandise, competitively priced.  To keep a warm, fun & friendly atmosphere where imagination and creativity abound.  A place where great friendships are made & treasured.  Our purpose/goal is to help those entrepreneurs who otherwise could not experience owning their own business a place to do that without the high overhead expenses associated with owning your own business.  A Win-Win situation!

MSB Flea Market